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About Us

Premier Health Systems Consult is a trailblazing healthcare management and consulting firm. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, a strong emphasis on collaboration, we have established ourselves as the trusted ally for organizations invested in advancing healthcare globally and seeking to drive impactful healthcare initiatives.

At PHS Consult our focus is on collaboratively addressing development challenges by forming strategic alliances with national and subnational government institutions, bilateral and multilateral organizations, and development partners. We offer valuable technical support to enhance the performance of organizations, contributing to their overall strength and improvement.

PHS Consult is dedicated to advancing the well-being of communities in Africa by fostering collaboration and implementing sustainable and innovative solutions.

Our vision is to lead in pioneering solutions for a healthier, more equitable world, where quality healthcare, informed policies, and sustainable development are accessible to all, leaving no one behind.

Our Approach

Strategic Partnership: We believe in forging strategic alliances to amplify the impact of healthcare initiatives, ensuring sustainable change.

Proven Expertise: PHS Consult boasts a seasoned team with a combined experience of over 50 years, with a wealth of experience in program design, implementation, and evaluation, health system strengthening, research, policy development, and capacity building

Global Impact: Our work extends beyond borders, contributing to the improvement of healthcare systems on an international scale.


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